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Originally Posted by KimmyRocks View Post
I think that would depend on how drastic the starvation and how long your body had to survive under those conditions. When your metabolism adapts to try to survive under those conditions, it becomes more efficient when faced with drastic decreases in calories. Your body learns to feed on itself and breaks down lean tissue (and not just muscle - your organ tissues as well) which impacts how many calories your body requires going forward. (An extreme example would be an Anorexia survivor - it can takes years for a body to re-adapt and respond during recovery.)

If you've been kind to your body and kept it well-fueled ever since... your metabolism might not kick into survival mode to conserve energy when you decrease calories. But if you've done a lot of crash dieting, it's likely that your metabolism is still affected. With each bout of what your body perceives as a threat, it's likely to kick into survival mode that much quicker. It becomes an adaptive response.

It takes time to build up the lost lean tissue and rev the metabolism back up. Since everyone is different, how long it takes to recover isn't a simple question to answer. Some bodies adapt faster and hang on to those survival-mode 'memories' for longer than others.

Hope that helps, Jenna.
Thanks for answering Always nice to learn new things about the body and itīs speacial ideas and functions!
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