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hi pboumansour,

i wear asics 2150s, and have worn that series since the 2080s. when i shop for shoes, i try to find a pair that feels like slippers... and the asics work. i run about 2300 miles per year in them.

when i race i wear minimal shoes; currently the saucony fasttwitch 7. i race in them at all distances, including marathons, and run track work in them.

wearing minimal shoes puts a lot of stress on my achilles, and i definitely feel sore there afterwards. could be a sign that i need more flexibility there. but they are certainly different than regular shoes.

my suggestion is that if you try minimal shoes, or barefoot, start slowly. i probably ran in them 2-3 times a week for a couple of years. my body never adjusted, so i figured i shouldn't switch to minimal shoes for all workouts. i've known two friends who did make a sudden switch -- one got a calf injury (and now a foot injury) and he's still not running well, the other seemed to take the change fine.

i have that book (xmas present) and will read it soon; i did see an interview with the author, and while it's a fun interview, he suggests that barefoot running is for everyone, and we can bring about world-peace if we ditch our running shoes. you can watch it here:
Authors Google Christopher Mcdougall - VidoEmo - Emotional Video Unity

for balance though, mark plaatjes wrote a blurb about barefoot running that seems to have a bit more common sense. check it out here:Boulder Running Company: A Commentary on Barefoot/Minimalist Running | Facebook
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