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With this schedule I take around 100g more Prot then before. Also rpmcduff you said that I should eat 250 calories over the calories I burn daily. But what If I stick to the high amount of calories but increase the proteins in it?

If you chose to eat the high amount of calories you will gain fat (and lots of it). I suggested the 250 calorie surplus to ensure you got the protein you need to build muscle but minimizing fat gain. 90% the of extra 2300 calories from your high calorie diet are going to be stored as fat. You will be gaining about 4.6 pounds of weight each week or 18.4 pounds a month. If a hard core bodybuilder can gain .5 pounds of muscle monthly they are doing well. So I estimate you would be gaining 17.9 pounds of fat each month. If you are only playing soccer for exercise (while it is a great aerobic activity) you will not even gain that much muscle.

I tried to do weightlifting 4 years ago as well, when I was 18 years old. I did it for 1 years but I wasn't gaining anything, nor did I see any results so I gave up (like most people).

Your lack of results from weightlifting could have been from one or more of the following:
Insufficient protein in your diet - only protein has the chemical structure necessary to build muscle.
Lifting light weights with lots of reps. - You need to lift heavy (see my previous post) to stimulate muscle growth. Include compound lifts like squats and deadlifts in addition to isolation movments like curls. (Begin slow and make sure you understand proper form for all exercises.)
Too much cardio - Cardio can sabotage your muscle gain goals by catabolizing muscle. Look at a distance runners physic. They are very fit with low body fat but they also have very little muscle mass. Not the preferred physic most of us would like. Do cardio in moderation.

As far as your diet goes, it has to work for you. I don't see the need for the Cytogain shakes. You can obviously get enough calories from the rest of your diet. You could eliminate many of the carbs in your Cytogain shake by mixing a couple of scoops of whey protein into the milk you drink.

Lastly, don't take my suggestions as the only answer. Ask your questions on the boards and see if you can glean more information and tips from others who have similar circumstances and goals.

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