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Originally Posted by Foodjunkiegirl View Post
What is TOPS? I quit WW about 8 months ago. I got tired of paying 40.00 a month to hear the same advice over and over again. Sure, the motivation was nice, but in the end I gained back all the weight because WW didn't do much to help me with my emotional eating. I decided to take my 40.00 a month and spend it on a gym membership. So far, I'm using it.
FGJ: If memory serves me right, TOPS stands for Take Off Pounds Sensibly. It usually is a group of people who do just what we are here, encouraging each other. I went to one about 25 years ago, so I am fuzzy about if you weigh in there or not. Maybe someone else can elaborate more.
The group I belonged to was fun and we shared ideas, did games and sometimes crafts. I remember once I made a costume and went dressed as a Daffodil...shiver...I can still see that big ol' yellow flower petal head piece I made. I am SO glad that it was before digital, camera phones and Facebook. LOL
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