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Default Finally in the Healthy Weight Range!

When I started my weight loss journey, I was in the "obese" category. Yikes!

I spent the last few months in he "overweight" category and finally after my weekly weigh this morning, I am officially in my "healthy" weight range for my height of 5'9"

Very Exciting!!!!

I can't weight to get down to my goal.

One huge bummer about the weight loss is that NONE of my pants fit me. I HAVE to use a belt, and I only have a few pairs of pants I can wear and not look like a weirdo trying to hold her pants up, (Which is what I'm doing...size 18, and now I'm maybe a 14?? I wouldn't know since I refuse to buy new clothes!)

NO buying any new clothes until I hit my weight goal!

Thank god for dresses!!!!!
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