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Default Hya!!!!

Hello here. I'll add myself to your buddy list . Briefly, I am 28 years old and over 140lbs overweight. I have been a "fattie" ever since I can remember and have tried diets and exercise throughout all of my life with little results. Of course, being weak and putting up a lot of excuses have been the reason for such results, but this time I am truly willing to put the obesity away for good. I have only been dieting and working out for 10 days but I'm 4 pounds lighter already. Working out hasn't been any problem for I've always liked to walk and dance and I've been incorporating those things on my workouts. Eating, now that's another story. Even though I have always eaten fairly healthy, I have the softest spot for candy and junk food, and I tend to eat at all times. So that has been my biggest problem so far and I can't deny, it's been a struggle but I have been strong so far to keep myself away from those chocolates and doughnuts I so much love!

I have been blessed with excellent health all of my life, yet I know that if I keep this exaggerated weight it won't help in a future, so that's a long term reason why I am doing this effort. But as a fashion design student who loves fashion and clothes, my weight is not helping me to enjoy that I love. And as frivolous as it may sound to some(which to me it can be compared to someone looking to lose weight so they can be more agile or feel better, which of course is a collateral gain in my case), that is the main fuel in this journey I have decided to take in this moment.

Hopefully I'll be 80-100lbs lighter by May 2011, which is the month I graduate from fashion school. I visualize myself wearing a beautiful self-designed dress and earning praise for my hard work. I have made little 20 pounds goals in 2 months and I even covered a little box with pictures of dresses and and shoes I want to wear(cause I can't even wear shoes with 1" heel because of the weight!!) in which I'm putting a dollar for each pound I shed. I know this is going to be hard and will take a lot of time, but it will be the most rewarding and knowing that keeps me going. Just had to say that.
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