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Originally Posted by Ch3riblossom View Post
I'm embarking on a 25 day challenge for myself.
I have a ball coming up and I would really like to lose some weight and look good for it.

I am currenlt 1.54 metres tall and weight 56.6kg which is almost 125 pounds. I eventually want to weigh 48kg but I just want to set myself this short term goal for now. My BMI is 23.87 which is healthy but borderline overweight. I would rather we underweight than overweight. I don't mind how shallow that sounds but I've been skinny and ever since I've put on weight I've been unhappy. People look at you differently when you don't have a pretty face. Sometimes people don't look at you at all.

For me exercise has always been easy but staying away from sugar and chocolate has been the hardest part. I've decided to give up on all desserts and confectionary/chocolate althought I still plan to have my daily tea/coffee.

Today I was at the gym for an hour and I managed to exercise off 500 calories (not sure how accurate the machine was but I had a decent workout so I'm gonna say I'm on the right track). I plan to do this every day for the 25 days until the ball. This means that:

25 x 500 = 12500 calories lost from exercise
3500 calories = 1 kg
therefore: I could theoretically lose 3.57kg's

However, I know I will be eating more to compensate for the extra exercise although I will be going to great length to eat better and DRINK MORE WATER. I really only need to lose 2.6kg so I have a leeway of 0.97kg.
All this mathematics is just for my peace of mind. Does my plan sound reasonable? On the last day (the ball) I also could use some tips to look particularly skinny. Anybody have any ideas?
25 x 500 = 12500 calories lost from exercise
3500 calories = 1 kg
therefore: I could theoretically lose 3.57kg's

Unfortunately 3500 calories equates to approximately 1 pound not 1 kg. A kilogram is about 2.2 pounds. I converted your measurements to US equivalents and came up with you being about 5'-0" tall and 125 pounds. Your goal is to be under 120 pounds in 25 days.

Using your numbers 12500/3500 = 3.57 pounds or 1.62 kg. I suggest that you aim for a 750 calorie deficit per day through a combination of exercise and diet.
750 x 25 = 18750, 18750/3500 = 5.35 pounds or 2.43 kg. This would put you under 120 pounds in 25 days.
While exercise is important diet is 80% of the equation. There is a saying 'You can't out train a bad diet'.

Make your food choices healthy ones. Track everything your eat here on Fitday. Restrict or eliminate processed food, white bread and sugar. Stop drinking your calories (you already mentioned drinking more water) eliminate soda, and severly restrict fruit juice or any beverage with sugar or high fructose corn syrup. Eat lots of vegetables and try to get 30% of your calories from protein. Use nuts and natural peanut butter when you get craving (just a little because the calories add up fast) as these have healthy fats, that your body needs, and these fats have been shown to satiate hunger.

There's lots of people here with good experience and knowledge. Read through some of the past posts to educate yourself about developing a healthy lifestyle. Short term goals are great but the ultimate goal is to develop a sustainable, long term, healthy lifestyle.

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