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Originally Posted by Foodjunkiegirl View Post
If I need something sweet, I'll chew a piece of gum. A craving only lasts two minutes. If you can get through the two minutes victory will be yours.
Seriously? Two minutes? Holy cow, I have cravings that go on for days on end. I don't think a 2 minute craving would feel like a craving to me, more like a short brainstorm or a quick fantasy. Yesterday all stinking day I had carry-over cravings from the weekend for chocolate ice cream. I'd already downed a couple of sugar free chocolate pudding cups, half a chocolate bar and a single bite of brownie fudge cake (still warm from the oven), I finally managed to put it out last night with a package of Pretzel M&M's, which are only 150 calories. Okay yes, the cure was a bit much for the daily tally, but if I'd caved in to the craving and gotten some ice cream, I probably would have eaten the entire box.
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