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Originally Posted by jazzijenn View Post
Hi All!
I just wanted to intro myself as I just recently found this website and forum and am already finding all of it very helpful! I am doing low carb/no sugar and have been at it about 10 days and have lost 3.5 pounds and almost 7 inches!! This isn't my first time doing the low carb thing....each time I stopped it was because I got bored or was stressed and said "I'll have one bad meal then get back on track" and then didn't! I have forced myself to stay committed this time by joining a "biggest loser challenge" at my job. The first phase is a 12 week program with weekly meetings and weigh-ins. By doing this, I have to be ACCOUNTABLE, which is exactly what I need! It was $39 to join and $25 of that money goes back to the top three "biggest losers" at the end of the session. ($10 of it goes to fighting childhood obesity programs as well). The BIGGEST motivator of this challenge is that if you gain a pound, you have to put $1 in a pot ($1 for each pound) and at the end of the challege the biggest inch loser (who isn't the biggest weight loser) gets that money. I'm horribly competitive and driven by $$ as a motivator! There is simply no way I'm gonna be putting any money in that pot!

I was told at the meeting that I should be eating 1/2 my weight in protein, but I gotta tell ya, its a struggle. I like meat, but oy vey.... I can only get so much down! My other HUGE challenge is the fact that I really don't like veggies! I'm a tomato, potato, cuke, lettuce, peas and corn kinda gal. Those are the only veggies I will eat. I wish I like more of them....I just can't seem to find a way to choke them down!! If anyone has any suggestions on creative ways to eat more veggies (when you like such a limited few) please feel free to pass em on!

I wish you all lots of luck in your journeys.....may be we all be sucessful and remain strong to our committments to well being!

Congratulations on your decision to go low carb, Jenn. I have a couple of suggestions that might help:

You don't necessarily have to eat more meat to increase your protein intake. While meat is typically the most effective way to get that protein, you can also eat eggs. I like to hard boil a whole 18-pack every week and keep them in the fridge for snacks or quick breakfasts. Another option is whey powder. This is almost pure protein. I use ON brand whey powder (found at GNC) because it tastes good and because you can get 25g of protein in one drink and only 110 calories and 2g of carbs.

It seems like most of the veggies you like are the starchy ones, and they aren't going to help you in your low carb journey. There are lots of ways to dress up some of the vegetables you aren't so fond of. One of the easiest ways to eat broccoli is to sprinkle some cheese and chili flakes on broccoli florets, then microwave them long enough to melt the cheese. A tasty way to eat spinach or any other kind of greens (I personally prefer collard greens) is to "wilt" them in a bit of bacon grease. And, of course, there are always salads.

Best of luck!

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