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Smile My name is Jenn.....and I'm a low carber (intro) looking for suggestions

Hi All!
I just wanted to intro myself as I just recently found this website and forum and am already finding all of it very helpful! I am doing low carb/no sugar and have been at it about 10 days and have lost 3.5 pounds and almost 7 inches!! This isn't my first time doing the low carb thing....each time I stopped it was because I got bored or was stressed and said "I'll have one bad meal then get back on track" and then didn't! I have forced myself to stay committed this time by joining a "biggest loser challenge" at my job. The first phase is a 12 week program with weekly meetings and weigh-ins. By doing this, I have to be ACCOUNTABLE, which is exactly what I need! It was $39 to join and $25 of that money goes back to the top three "biggest losers" at the end of the session. ($10 of it goes to fighting childhood obesity programs as well). The BIGGEST motivator of this challenge is that if you gain a pound, you have to put $1 in a pot ($1 for each pound) and at the end of the challege the biggest inch loser (who isn't the biggest weight loser) gets that money. I'm horribly competitive and driven by $$ as a motivator! There is simply no way I'm gonna be putting any money in that pot!

I was told at the meeting that I should be eating 1/2 my weight in protein, but I gotta tell ya, its a struggle. I like meat, but oy vey.... I can only get so much down! My other HUGE challenge is the fact that I really don't like veggies! I'm a tomato, potato, cuke, lettuce, peas and corn kinda gal. Those are the only veggies I will eat. I wish I like more of them....I just can't seem to find a way to choke them down!! If anyone has any suggestions on creative ways to eat more veggies (when you like such a limited few) please feel free to pass em on!

I wish you all lots of luck in your journeys.....may be we all be sucessful and remain strong to our committments to well being!

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