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Originally Posted by femlabrys View Post
I'm excited and nervous that I'll mess up. I've been on it twice before, the last time for over a year, and it's perfect for me. I'm just not much of a food preparer or veggie-eater... but that has to change.

I support all of you in your diet decisions: Please respect me in mine. Diet is a very personal thing, and we all have different genetic/health makeups. If you just eat lollipops all day, and it's the only thing that works for you, you have my wholehearted support!

Cheers to all --
Congrats on the decision to start back on Atkins again! Since you were already on it once for over a year, I might be preaching to the choir, but I have lots of ideas for eating out. I sometimes get sick of cooking as well, and when that happens I will typically go out for a cobb salad, burger w/ no bun, or some kind of meat burrito (no rice or beans, and don't eat the tortilla of course). There are also some evenings when I have had a really long day and I don't feel like cooking or eating out. I keep lots of things around for those occasions, such as pork rinds, avocados, broccoli and cauliflower florets, hard boiled eggs, and cheese.

With respect to personal diet decisions, it really baffles me why so many people try to make it their personal goal to dissuade people from Atkins. In a recent conversation with my sister-in-law, I was discussing the progress I have made so far with Atkins. She proceeded to tell me that Atkins is great for short-term weight loss, but bad for my health in the long term, and that she was worried about me continuing it. I straightened her out, of course, but I have to wonder why she is so concerned now but seemed to have no concern when her sister and I were going out drinking every weekend and finishing every weekend night with a 2AM trip to McDonalds or the taco shop. I suspect that, on some level, there is a certain jealousy that comes from people who have spent years either losing weight or fighting weight gain by means of a low fat/high carb diet and tons of exercise. Knowing my sister-in-law, I suspect this is the case and she is angry/jealous that I have done so well without having to eat like a rabbit and work out four hours a day. Then, of course, there are those that are pushing a vegetarian or vegan agenda because their own morals dictate that eating animal flesh is bad. That was the case with the troll we had on this board before. He had come up with all sorts of reasons why he believed a high fat or high protein diet might cause health problems, and he seemed to have research to show that humans don't need so much fat or protein. This was all based on his own vegan agenda as an attempt to save the lives of some animals. Of course this falls on deaf ears because if we didn't want to eat these levels of fat or protein, we wouldn't be trying Atkins to begin with. I would never go to a vegan diet discussion and try to convince them of all the dangers of protein deficiency or try to convince them all to eat animal flesh, and I really wish that people who don't like the Atkins plan would just stay out of our conversations altogether. That would be the respectful thing to do.

Sorry to go on such a rant. It is a sore point for me! Best of luck with Atkins, and please check back in to keep us updated on your progress.

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