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Default Hello From Detroit

I came to FitDay a couple of years ago - and used it off and on for about 2 months and loved it.

Then... well... life sort of stepped in and I knew I didn't have time to lose weight - but I did take the time to get my head-on straight about self-esteem issues and some of the mental core work I guess I really needed to do.

I love FitDay and suggested it to people over the years if they wanted to see the nutrition/fitness reality of their lives. That was what most inspires me is that I really can see what it is I am eating, the nutrition, and my activity level.

I also appreciate people who share their stories - they do help!

In the meantime - while "getting my head together" I managed to lose 15 pounds and now need the help of FitDay to lose the rest of it. There's still a lot to lose...

I just wanted to mention the mental-health aspect of weight loss. I don't think I could have done it before - and getting healthy in my head, for me, was an absolute necessity.

Again - my appreciation to FitDay - it's a very easy site to use and also easy to make "my own".
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