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I recently heard a talk about 'giving in to cravings' but it was about allowing 'forbidden foods' in the diet. If you know every day exactly how many calories are going into your mouth, you can give in to a craving. You can have those chips, fries, whatever. You just have to count exactly what the damage is.

After you get over being horrified by how many calories that was and what it does to your daily caloric intake (alcohol is a killer), then you can try to find some other way to have something like whatever is causing your problem.

Wine becomes a wine spritzer. If you count EXACTLY what you have ingested, then you realize you still have to limit yourself. Everything is about limits. Nothing is FREE, free of calories, free of consequences.

It's true that WW allows foods that have '0 points' but that is because no one ever dives in and overdoses on WW vegetable soup, for example! For one thing, it will give you the runs to do that. For another, it is the rare, rare person whose weakness is watery vegetable soup.
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