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Originally Posted by purefat200 View Post
Hello everyone.

I'm fairly new to this dieting thing, I tried it before but gave up. Now, however, I'm sticking to my guns and the result has been 5 pounds lost so far.

Still, I've read lots of posts on here about inaccuracies in the system and no results... So, I was just wondering if anyone had some tips to avoid these? I have 73 more pounds to lose, and I am NOT giving up this time.
Hi PF200!

I have been on here logging for one month now. I use the free online service and find it is accurate. The forum threads are a great place to get information, advice and kicks in the butt!

Great job on the 5# loss! Don't worry about the FD inaccuracies - just make it work for you. After all this is ALL about YOU! You are changing your lifestyle and getting healthy. FD is a tool to help with that and the people here, well, I can tell you that we have all 'Been there, done that' crowd. Find some threads that work for you.

I am on Awesome in August - most of us have over 100# to loose and some have done an amazing job at it. THESE LADIES ROCK! Come on over and join us.

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