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Hanna, 8oo kcal is not enought food. you will lose muscle and if you gain any weight back yor body fat index will be even higher. I know, I have tryed it; and failed. I used to workout with weights, do cardio and diet on 1000cals. Didn't work! I used to weight 245lbs.Try between 1200 and 1500cals with working out and lifting weights. The weight will move quicker. 50% carbs, 30% protein and 20% fat. Too many carb's, your body will turn it to fat.Too many fats, your body will turn it to fat. Not enought calories then you body will hold on to the food and you will not lose weight.(you need to fuel the engine in order to get it to run properly.) Anyway, I do have some protein ideas. Mix fatfree chocolate pudding and fatfree milk in with choclate protein powder(whey) and you have something that will stop the craving of choclate. It is 200cal, 30g protein, 1g fat. You can also mix greekyogurt with crysal light, high protein and low calorie. I hate watching what i eat and this makes it a little easier.
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