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I'm really sad you guys. My internet connection isn't working, and I've tried everything to fix it. I'm using my phone right now, but there's no way I can continue this by phone. I'll take my pictures on Sunday still, so I can post them when I'm back. I'll stick to eating right, and I'll still exercise. For now though, I have to wait until my internet kicks in again. I'm so sorry you guys. I hope it's soon. If anything until it works again I'll update you guys on how I am every few days by phone.
Starting Weight: 196 Pounds (08/22/2010)
Current Weight: 194 Pounds (08/27/2010)

Goal #1: 180 Pounds (By 10/22/2010)
Goal #2: 160 Pounds (By 12/22/2010)
Goal #3: 140 Pounds (By 02/22/2011)

Ultimate Goal: 120 Pounds (By 04/22/2011)

Pounds Lost So Far: 2 (08/27/2010)
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