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Originally Posted by davej323 View Post
The AHA recommendation for "normal" is actually less than 150, not 150-200. I dropped my total cholesterol from 309 down to 99...using the Atkins diet!

In fact, let's bring some relevance to this conversation. My total triglycerides are 99 (down from 309). My glucose level stays around 110 (down from 135). My last A1C measurement was 6.0 (down from 6.6). My resting blood pressure is typically low, somewhere around 110/60 (down from 150/100). Apparently you know better than the experts who suggest that I have substantially reduced my risk of heart disease and have completely wiped out the pre-diabetes I previously suffered from. Please tell me what those readings should be.
I keep checking back and waiting for CoeyCoey to come back and tell me exactly how my doctor, the American Heart Association, the American Diabetes Association, and the American Medical Association are all wrong about the fact that my blood test results are "normal," but he has apparently disappeared from the boards. Looks like our vegan troll is gone, folks.

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