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Default The Biggest Loser - play along at home?

Hi Everyone,

Yay for FitDay forums! I have used FitDay before with great success in order to lose 12lbs before my wedding! However, since then my husband and I have over-indulged on beer, wings, pizza and burgers - ah, married life.

Anyway, now we`re back on FitDay and our plan is to play along a home with the Biggest Loser (season 9 premieres tonight.)

Here`s the plan:
  • We`ve set up our goals and are tracking our workouts and meals on FitDay.
  • We will weigh in every Tuesday, and watch the Biggest Loser for inspiration.
  • I`ve created a quick spreadsheet that will also calculate our percentage of weight loss from week to week just like the show!
  • Hoping to see great results by the time they announce the big winner!

Just thought I`d post this here to see if anyone else would like to play along. We could even post our week to week results if you`re game.

Good Luck to all in your journey!

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