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Hello Jordyn,
I am sending you BIG props for being so real and brave. You are making sooo many good decisions on your journey... especially the one to seek out a support system. I also come from a long line of women who have struggled with their weight. At the age of about 13 I began to battle bulimia. The pressure to be thin and control what I "thought" I could control got to me. Although it was a horrible time, it taught me sooo much! I began to really heal and get better about 5 years later and now I am almost finished with my degree in dietetics and am working on getting my license as a Clinical Nutritionist. I have also worked as a weight loss/nutritional counselor. I knew quite a bit before I started in that position but while working there I learned a lot of tricks and tips that helped me drop 20lbs. So... that said, allow me to give you some quick tips from both my education, personal experience, and extensive background with others. I hope this helps and can't wait to watch you get healthy!

Take your weight and divide it by two. That is how many ounces of water you should take in a day. (Tip: Fluid retention is real and a pain in the butt! Individuals can at times retain up 6-8lbs of FLUID!) If you have been eating really "clean" and then eat something higher in sodium or sugar you WILL retain fluids it is just a matter of how much. So... if you are flucuating on the scale.... remember it takes 3000 kcals to gain or lose one pound of fat. Unless you hit up the buffet big time.. if your weight is up.. u are retaining fluids. No biggie.. water flushes water. More water for a few days and some fresh lemon juice and you'll be good. Same principal if you r sick or experiencing muscle soreness which also cause retention.

Protein is important for a lot of reasons. The primary one being that it is the hardest for your body to break down. Your metabolism has to kick into overdrive to digest it. This is good! It keeps your metabolism running at a nice high rate throughout the day. Space it out. Protein at EVERY meal and snack! Three meals a day and two snacks containing at least 10 grams of protein. I like shakes and protein bars but each to their own Chicken, Turkey, Fish, Beef ( limit beef to a few times a week) and Eggs and Protein Powders are all better choices than beans while trying to drop weight. I adore beans for their fiber/protein combo but they are also full of carbs and breakdown in the body like a starch. If u are working out... liquid protein immediately afterwards will help your muscle cells repair faster and eventually reduce soreness(lactic acid). It is very hard to have too much protein, water, or fiber but very easy to not get enough.

Sugars...even natural ones should be limited while trying to drop weight. Stay away from should just eat the fruit. At least Two a day Everyday! Eat your carbs(if possible) earlier in the day. Unless you are working out at night and will be burning them off before bedtime. There are lots of foods that I think are healthy and are important to include for nutritional reasons that are not ideal for weight loss. I add them back after dropping weight. Ex. peanut butter, real butter, milks other than skim, and I am very careful with when I eat high sugar veggies and fruits. Not forever though.

Fats... Very important! Healthy fats... are tricky. Obviously stay away from bad fats. Lard..butter..fried junk. However, good fats can be overdone easily. This is my weakness Avocados, Nuts, Olive oil, cheese, etc. All have excellent nutritional components but also have a ton of fat in a small serving. So... figure out what 1-2 serving of these babies are and don't go over that a day. another tip: white cheese is lower in cal. swiss, mozz. etc.

I know that I have rambled on and on. This however is my passion.. and has been for years also my burden. I have subscribed to your blog and am rooting for you! Remember, this is a long distance race, not a sprint!

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