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Exclamation Worry Worry Worry

All I've been doing is worrying today. It's no help though, because I can't do anything about the problem. Ugh. I worked out twice today. I tried eating a little better, and while I ALWAYS stay within my planned calorie intake, I was craving mac and cheese. So I had some. Best part of my day I'd have to say.

vsabino - You make me worry. I know all of your intentions are good. I may not have explained myself well enough. Let me try again. I am home alone until next week Friday about. My dad is in Colorado working. We live in Wisconsin. He left no money. I don't have a job yet. My mom is an alcoholic who only cares for my sister 'cus I'm technically not her responsibility now that I'm 18. So there are eggs and green beans and burger patties here that I'll surely get to eating when I'm not too lazy to make them, but as for the supplements, I have to wait for my dad to come home. I've already asked him to go shopping with me when he does. To make this a little more positive (so I stop worrying while I wait), what do you recommend I should put on my shopping list for healthy, nutritious, and protein-filled foods?

cjohnson - I would have to talk to my mom about seeing my doctor. She has me under her insurance still I believe. Ick. I will soon though, because my yearly exam thing is around September. So while I am examined I'll talk to my doctor. They told me everything was fine last time I went, so I figured it would still be fine now that I'm a bit healthier, but I'll still ask. I'm good with sticking to calorie intakes, but I never really worried about what I was eating 'cus I never really ate anything bad unless I was at a friend's house. Soda, candy, pizza, etc. The foods I've been eating in the last week are what I would just normally eat (and it's all I really have until my dad gets home).

canary52 - I ALWAYS tell my dad to buy whole wheat. He doesn't listen unless I'm with him. So when he gets back that's one of the first things I'm getting. Cereal is my addiction. Haha. I'm trying to have only one bowl a day for now. Once I go shopping I want to try my hand at cooking breakfast for my dad, my sister, and I. Thank you for your kind words of advice. I'm trying to take it a little slowly, so it overwhelmed me today when all I could worry about was how there's hardly any protein here. I'm ok for now though.

Boy, I feel like I'll be learning a lot over the next few months.

"I hope I'm doing this whole thing right."

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