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Default New and looking for dietary tips

Hi, i'm hannah and i'm the typical yo yo dieter! 24 now and still at it! In high school i played softball and participated in weightlifting elective courses. My whole family (both sides) has weight issues and i am lucky enough to be included in this as well! My senior year i decided to buckle down and get off weight for prom. I lost two dress sizes and i was quite satisfied. Then 3 years later i was at my max weight. I decided i really needed to do something about that. I lost 65 lbs and i was extremely satisfied. I was a size 18, as silly as that sounds it makes me happy being that size. I like my body and i'm comfortable with it. Also, i was healthy. That was three years ago and now i'm up 75 lbs. The last time i did this i have realized was not sensible. I cut down to 800 calories with a work out 5 days a week after working 8 hours as a CNA, this time i want to do it for life. My goal is to be a size 18, and to tone my arms , stomach, back and inner thighs. The main problem i am facing now though is i'm at a loss for on what to do for protein. I just don't know what sounds good and I'm not a big meat eater anyway. i enjoy mostly chicken and grilled chicken especially. So mainly i would like suggestions as far as some black bean or other alternatives. Also how to prepare. TY for reading and wish me luck!

oh and by the way i prefer low calorie ideas. It is the easiest thing for me to stick to!
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