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Exclamation Hmmm...

I had a decent day. I was being lazy with exercise, so I ended up doing it late (I just finished). I did it though; that's what counts. I hope everyone else is doing great.

cjohnson728 - Thanks for the support! I love when people cheer me on. It makes me feel good that I'm not all alone.

vsabino - You had me all scared and worried for half the day (I read posts throughout the day and reply at night)! Then I thought about it. Are you talking about the pie chart? At first I thought you were right, but I looked at my nutrition daily values report thing. I'm averaging just a little over the recommended daily value. I looked at the pie chart, read the description, and felt like slapping myself for worrying. The pie chart represents the number of calories FROM that part of your diet. So using your example, about 12% of my CALORIES come from protein. I'm not undereating them though (thank God). To answer your other questions... No, I'm not vegetarian, but I don't eat a lot of meat. I only have burger patties to eat for now until my dad comes home from Colorado. I ate one today to make you happy. I totally don't mind anyone looking at my FitDay. That's why I put it into my signature. I ENCOURAGE people to look at it. Thank you so much for your concern. If I had been undereating proteins I wouldn't have known otherwise.

staceyalberta - I write in the journal on here. It saves the paper from being wasted. Haha. When I write how I feel, it helps me let go of some things on my mind so I sleep better. Good for writing in yours more.

Today's most relevant thoughts:

"I never thought Spandex shorts could get too big... But mine fell off my butt while I was running on the treadmill (literally)."

"I'm doing good so far."
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