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Originally Posted by jfalco001 View Post

I only have 5 lbs to go and so far I've noticed my daily food intake- mostly veggies, fruits and fish add up to approx 1000-1200, but I like my glass of wine in the evening with a piece of dark chocolate!!!
Technically I still fit on my 1600 recommended daily calories, but I've read alcohol is a NO-NO on any diet.
So, the question to those who was sucesfull
Is it possible to still loose weigt with that daily glass of wine or it will never work?
I think that is really going to depend on the rules for your particular nutrition plan. I have a friend who lost 87 pounds on Weight Watchers, and she incorporated two or more light beers into her evening every night. We used to joke that she was not on WW, but rather the Coors Light diet!

It is not impossible to lose weight and still drink alcohol. Of course, since you are only five pounds away from your goal weight, it might be worth it to cut out that wine for a while and see if it helps. As vsabino mentioned, it is not just calories that you need to be concerned with, but also the glucose spike.

Best of luck!

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