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Smile I Had A Good Day Today

Today I took it a little easy with exercise. I had been running on the steepest incline setting on my treadmill because I figured when I kept it flat, it would be easier to run that speed for a certain amount of time. Well it was! A little too easy, so I might have to adjust my time/speed, but it was relaxing.

canary52 - I thank you again. I love logging onto the forums and seeing more support. I think if it weren't for me putting myself out there like this I would have already been discouraged. I'm still going strong though.

staceyalberta - I have already lost inches in some places (spoiler), but I'll save the details for when I put pictures up on Sunday. I'm so excited!

I hope you all don't find my once-a-day forum posts annoying. It keeps me accountable.

Some parts of my journal entry for today:

"I noticed a small difference today; my tummy jiggled, but it jiggled less."

"I still have yet to lose a pound, which discourages me a bit, but the little progress I have made keeps me going."

"My new sleeping pattern is really setting in. I love going to bed early and waking up early now."
Starting Weight: 196 Pounds (08/22/2010)
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Goal #3: 140 Pounds (By 02/22/2011)

Ultimate Goal: 120 Pounds (By 04/22/2011)

Pounds Lost So Far: 2 (08/27/2010)
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