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Default hi

Thank you for replying !
I feel I am just floundering
I think up the perfect system to lose weight and soon as it tanks, I eat anything. Then I think up a new one. I can get thru many 3 or 4 days.

I dont have money for Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig etc. Ive donated sooo much $ to the different diet clubs anyway lol

Im not big on meat but grats on your Cave woman diet ! I am thinking I just need to count calories and avoid restaurants, sugar foods, fats in access etc. Drink water instead of beverages without sugar and exercise more.

Being wayy overweight, exercise is a challenge. I can walk but not for far distances. I have a gym program that i around an hour or more of weights and 30 minutes of aerobics. It is too much for me tho. I started it in the beginning of the month and went every other day for 2 weeks. Now I have not been back.

I know from years ago and losing.. Weight loss has to be the NUMBER ONE priority. Even if it means buying water at movie theater, getting up super early to go to gym, cooking special foods etc.
this time around I am just finding it so hard to get from Point A (where I am now) of eating anything and not exercising, to Point B (where I need to be)
in control, 3 meals, 1 snack. water water water, daily exercise. all healthy foods.

What is best way to have a buddy or 2 on here ? Exchange emails or are there private messages ?
thank you both !
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