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Hi all --

Sounds like a good bunch of buddies. I have 30 pounds that HAVE to come off, so I'm with you! Getting older, gaining easier, love food. Me too, I let things slide, not really thinking about how big I was getting, except for those horrible moments when I'd get a glimpse in a mirror or photo... ugh. I'm only 5'1" so it shows up fast!

I'm on a simple diet: eat food (a lot of stuff isn't really food!) mostly vegetables not too much

I love the bean salad suggestion -- one of my standbys as well, and just threw a soup through the blender. Just veggie (or chicken) broth, zucchini, dill weed, one tiny potato, some garlic, celery -- cook until soft and then put in the blender or food processor until smooth and thick. The veggies have to fill up the broth completely when you start cooking. I find it filling and delicious, simple to make. And you can eat limitless quantities, almost. It helps me when I feel a portion-control issue coming along.

Exercise is the tough one for me these days. Will get off the butt and move it as much as possible. I'll try to report back daily!

keep it up, ladies!
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