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Exclamation Today

Today was a little harder for me. I probably didn't eat as well as I could have.

m330 - Thank you for the advice. I will check it out the next time I'm free. Probably a little later in the week.

staceyalberta - Thanks for being one of my cheerleaders. I appreciate it. It really moves me to keep going. I DO take measurements. I find that when the scale doesn't move I probably lost an inch somewhere instead.

Deanna0404 - Good luck to you! Please post your progress or link me to where you're keeping track of it. Thanks for the support.

canary52 - Thank you so much! I'm sorry about your daughter. I can sympathize with you. My younger sister is a bit over 300 pounds. She's 17! I've tried convincing her to exercise or go places with me, but she refuses. They have to learn on their own and want to change I suppose.

Sorry my replies are a bit short. I'm exhausted so I'm going to bed. Goodnight everyone!

"Today was a little harder for me."

"I'm so tired; I just want to crawl into bed and under my covers and sleep for 3 days. Haha."
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