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Good morning, Barbara! How's everything going? I know those first few days of making a lifestyle change are a pretty big adjustment. I still struggle some days! You know, I was trying to think of ways for you to exercise until your knees can handle it better, and I wanted to ask you if you guys are going to a gym. If they have eliptical machines, that might be an option for you, as they are basically no impact. How do you do with walking? I know I've always read, and my mom's doctor always tells her that walking really is the best thing for exercise. I'm a bit of a Biggest Loser junkie, so I've been doing one of Jillian Michael's videos. But I can't recommend that for you with knee problems right now. Its pretty killer-and I'm doing the beginner adjustments!

I'm still really bad about exercise, though, I can't seem to get consistant with it. But we're making the effort, and taking active steps to change our lives, so that's nothing to sneeze at!

I don't really have anyone I'm working with. My best friend and I encourage each other, but we have very different lives. She's married and has two kids, a three and a six year old, while I just have a boyfriend I live with. Who is skinny and always has been, so he's no help! I've been worried that he might not be as attracted to me because I was fat when we met and still am, but I told him I need to do this, not only from a feel better about myself approach, but more from a health angle. People in my family have a habit of dying young, so I want to try and prevent that for myself. I told him I want to be around to annoy him as long as possible.

Anyway, I really didn't mean to ramble on so much about myself, Ireally wanted to check in and see how you are doing. Its the writer's curse! I hope you're doing well!! Talk to you soon!
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