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Originally Posted by sw07 View Post
Congrats on your 1st 5k race! I'm also running a 5k this Saturday (my 3rd race).
As for pre-race food,I'll eat my usual breakfast (egg white omlette in a whole wheat pita) but I'll eat half of what I usually eat-I still get a lil nervous on race day and can only eat a lil bit.

As for not having an Ipod, that can suck, but once you get into a pack of runners, the energy an adrenaline will kick in and you'll be fine. Just don't start out too fast, I did that on my fist race and had a slight calf pull at the 1st mile marker- not fun.

Make sure you stretch real good prior and don't worry about your time or where you place, just have fun

There's some good info here-
Runner's World: Running Shoes, Marathon Training, Racing
Thank you so much for the helpful advice! I've watched a couple of short videos on this site you sent and I'm glad I did. I know I was on the right track with my thinking so that's good.

I think I'll try to do my run tomorrow without music to see how it goes, so that race day isn't the first time I have to do it.

Do you know if all races oblige runners to run without headphones?

Good luck on your race Saturday!
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