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The only advice I can give regarding a multivitamin is that based on my own experience. In one of the Atkins books, he gave the ingredients and amounts of his first phase Atkins brand multivitamin. I took that list to GNC with me and compared it with several multivitamins on the shelf. I found that the GNC brand Mens Mega was very close in most of the values and for only half the cost of the Atkins brand multivitamin. As far as I can tell, Atkins brand doesn't even make a multivitamin anymore, but I am still sticking with that GNC one.

As far as the signature goes, I had been copying and pasting for months until I just stumbled on to it last week. If you look at the blue menu bar just above here, you will see "User CP," "New Posts," "Search," "Quick Links," and "Log Out." Under "quick links" is where you can edit your signature.

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