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Originally Posted by Deanna0404 View Post
Schwans is a great idea! I am always tempted when I go to the store to buy things I don't need. I always try not to go hungry either - that will kill my diet everytime.

I have to say that I went off the diet this weekend, but not badly. I was doing so well this past week and I truly could feel the difference. I don't want to weigh myself till the end of this week, because if I didn't lose, I don't want to be bummed about it all week.

Thanks to all of your tips and comments!
I remember a statement about grocery store temptation in the very first Atkins book that I read. Doctor Atkins suggested that we try to do our grocery shopping around the edges of the store. I have followed this philosophy, and except for the occasional personal care and cleaning items, spices, and some frozen vegetables, I never need to browse the aisles of the grocery store. Most of my shopping consists of fresh meat, cheese, and produce. Not only is my shopping a lot quicker than it used to be, but I avoid all that processed temptation in the aisles.

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