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Originally Posted by scareymary View Post
Id like to find one, male or female, any age , who has 100 plus to lose and is starting out.
Well I'm kind of starting out, I'm very motivated this time. I started Atkins induction on 7/18/10 stayed on it for 3 weeks lost 14#. I could not get all the fat Atkins wanted me to eat in. So I switched over to a low carb Caveman-women diet. The first week was bad, now it's great not hungry during the day anymore. I have found if you get hungry during the day if you put 2 tbls of cider vinger in a glass of water and sip it the hunger goes away for a few hours. Not to many people like the caveman diet it does take determination. I have been on it for 33 days and lost 29# as of this morning.
I am tired of being fat and I'm not going to do it anymore. I started out wanting to lose 125# but now I have set my sights on 150#.
I would love to have a diet buddy so this is where I am and what I am doing. Your turn. Rob
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