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Just wanted to echo those who posted admiring your courage. I imagine you will serve to inspire a lot of people here, including many who may be lurking and never post. Along with the others, I'm pulling for you too!

One resource I'd suggest, that nobody's mentioned here yet: His "Primal Blueprint" book is on, but all the info seems to be available on his blog if you dig around a little, and you'll find some primal fans around the fitday boards too. I've no idea how much of this approach you'd be able to adopt (since you mention you're not in control of the food available at home), but I think it's worth investigating to see if it resonates with you--at the very least, it will get you thinking.

Best of luck to you, and again, well-deserved kudos for publicly declaring your goals! We're all looking forward to cheering your success.
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