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Talking Wow!

Thank you all for your kind words of support.

vsabino - I found a website ( that had a basic weight-loss program lined up, but I took it and used it as an outline for my own custom plan. I'm mostly going to be working on running until I lose a bit of weight. Then I'll work on toning. I can't control much of what kind of food is at my home (my dad does the shopping). I'm trying to get him to eat healthier. For now, the food is decent. I don't think I could ever undereat; I'd get way too hungry and end up overeating.

carrenross - Thank you for all of the tips! Some of them I sorta already have down, but I learned a lot more. I eat 5 times a day because it's a little more convenient for me. I'm trying to run a little everyday, but I will ALWAYS at least walk. I can walk forever and not get tired.

elljak - Thank you! I meant selfish as in I didn't say other people could post their successes and progressions here as well. I hope you all or others do though! I like being inspired by others' success.

smooshmcsmeesh - I love your name. Thanks for the subscription! That really motivates me to keep going. I can't wait to see my weekly pictures side by side after a while. I know I'll see a difference.

nottango - Thank you! I knew after lurking around here for a while that this was the place to be for support. I don't get much of it where I live (almost everyone I know is overweight), so being on FitDay helps a lot.

Here's a few random parts of my journal entry I thought I'd share:

"I sweat so much today... I can't remember the last time I was EVER this sweaty!"

"I really had no trouble eating decently... I guess I shouldn't let others influence my eating habits."

"I know I'll get a good night's sleep tonight."

Good luck to you all!
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