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Originally Posted by GunnaLose80 View Post

My name is Jordyn. I'm 18 years old, I'm 5'5", and I'm 196 pounds as of today.
My BMI tells me I'm obese! How did this happen? I'm an active teenager. I'm almost always out and about... So what happened? I guess my eating and sleeping habits just started catching up to me.

Two years ago, at the wonderful and naive age of 16, I weighed 150 pounds. I was healthy and happy. That's the smallest I can ever remember being.

The most I have ever weighed was 210 pounds. Yikes! I need to start changing some habits, or soon I'll start hurting myself by carrying this extra weight.

I decided to join FitDay after lurking the forums for some time. I wasn't sure where to put this kind of a post, because I'm going to update my progress and successes every week. I settled on the Success Stories section because that's what this is going to be: a success story. I sound so cheesy, I'm sorry. Haha. I'm just overly optimistic that this is just what I need! I need to be healthy and happy again. You can support me, or follow my journey, or visit this post and never come back, but that's all ok. This is for me. This is my time to shine (I sound so selfish). I am making a better life for me.

The photos attached are of me TODAY. 196 pounds. No offense that I'm so... Exposed. I figured if I showed you all what I look like, I wouldn't be able to give up or back out like I have in the past. There's a front shot, side shot, and behind shot (all full-body). There's also a picture of me with my favorite pair of jeans (size 10). I used to fit into those! I'll update every week with the three underwear shots. I'll update once a month on the 22nd of each month with the size 10 jeans.

Today's a new day.
This is an inspiration - you're not selfish at all - in order to succeed you have to do it for yourself so you're doing it for all the right reasons - go girl!!!!
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