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Originally Posted by GunnaLose80 View Post

My name is Jordyn. I'm 18 years old, I'm 5'5", and I'm 196 pounds as of today.
My BMI tells me I'm obese! How did this happen? I'm an active teenager. I'm almost always out and about... So what happened? I guess my eating and sleeping habits just started catching up to me.

Today's a new day.
Hi Jordyn!

GOOD FOR YOU! I am so impressed that you have made this decision to change now. Your youthful energy will keep you going. It is all about lifestyle change. I believe you are on the right track. Eat clean and move; this is your life. The best thing you can do for yourself is to learn to change.

Here is my two cents worth from years of trial and error.
Do not diet. No fad diet works - for very long. Your eating habits need to change, for life. Sorry but you will learn to love it.
All food it okay to eat - it is the quantity (portions) we eat that puts the weight on.
We need food for fuel/energy. Food is broken down into glucose/sugar and that is what the blood needs to energize us. So, eat smart - no refined (white) sugars.
Diabetics have the answer to eating properly. Check out Diabetes Type 2 sites online; American Diabetes Association will give you more info.
Balance your Protein, Carbs and Fats.
Eat six times a day. Meal/snack/Meal/snack/Meal/snack. Space them about 2-3 hours apart.
Never, ever skip breakfast. Make it one of your biggest meals and then scale down to dinner.
Eat a snack (fruit) about 3 hours before bed. It will be digested by then and you will sleep well. Eating before bed makes our bodies work all night, when it should be resting, and we wake up tired because of it.
Drink water - please. Hardest thing for me to realize and what a difference it makes. I mean, really, the leftover foods need to be 'flushed' out of the body; if you get my drift.

Okay, enough already. Just some lessons I have learned. I hope they can help you.
ps - Walk 30 minutes a day, it really IS the combination of eating/exercise that works. What you are learning now at 18 - took me 56 years to learn. Some are slower than others eh! LOL
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