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Default How low can ones baseline metabolism really be?

Ive been looking for the answer to this question everywere and can´t seem to find it.
Does anyone here know how low your average baseline metabolism can be? Where´s the limit when the organs of the body can´t function anymore?

I count my baseline metabolism to a low number. I eat a little less than this number and I exercise 2-4 hours a day! On average I eat 1000 kcal less than my body needs. I should lose about 1 kg a week but I don´t. Ive lost about 1 kg a month so far! That´s basically nothing. How can this be?
Is it even possible to have a baseline metabolism as low as...say...3-400 kcal a day??

Ive tested myself for hypothyrodism and other tests to meassure your metabolism and they all say it´s normal. Im thinking it can´t be...

Does anyone have the answer to this question? It´d make my day!
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