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My microwave recently died, and I decided not to replace it right away, to see how much I miss it. And actually, I don't. The extra counter space is great, and though I always tried not to eat too many microwave meals, this ensures that I don't ever eat them. All my food is either raw or cooked on the stove/in the oven... I'm not a great cook, but the best way to learn is to just DO it. I am getting better, bit by bit. I am a vegetarian, and honestly don't find it too difficult to keep the protein up. Remember a lot of green veggies have lots of protein, as well as nuts and beans. Also, have you tried Quinoa (pronounced Keenwah)? It looks almost like sliced up rice, and acts pretty much the same - though it's actually a cereal rather than a grain and has amazing amounts of protein in it. I will often just buy one new ingredient that I've never used before, then look up a bunch of recipes for that thing and decide from there whether I should add it to my list of stuff to always keep around. Trial and error!

I think finding the right foods for our bodies is one of the most important things we can do for our health, yet it's something that so many people are lazy about and then don't understand why they don't feel good.

I wish you luck in your food quest!
I would be interested to see a study that shows how much of an increase there has been in heart disease and diabetes since the introduction of retail microwave ovens in the mid-80's. Without even seeing such a study I am fairly confident that there has been an increase in both. We have a similar story in our household. I had a roommate move, and she took her microwave with her. We switched to a very small one that we had in storage. It is low-powered and so small that it won't fit a dinner plate in it. Although we had intentions of getting another big one, I am thinking we might just stick with the little one that we have nicknamed the "easybake oven." Having to rely on the easybake oven has forced us to use the electric griddle, oven, stove-top, and barbecue for most of our cooking, and I must say that we are better off for it because we now typically eat whole, fresh food rather than microwaved crap.

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