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Default My solution to migraines

Originally Posted by OBuck View Post
I've been battling chronic health problems (severe migraines, shoulder problems) - I used to get to the gym 5+ times a week and now I'm lucky if I get there once or twice...

I'd love to hear some of your success stories or tips - I'm sure there are other women out there in the same boat as I am.
Hi OBuck!

I'm so sorry to hear you get migraines.

I personally need to lose a lot more than 35 pounds, so my boat is a bit bigger than the one you're in, but I'm trying to take it a day a at a time and not beat myself up over a bad day.

I suffered from severe migraines for the last 27 years since I was 12. Motivated by some severe abdominal pain this Spring, I started researching if I could find another answer than "You'll just have to live with it.", which my doctor kindly gave me. Anyone with migraines has my sympathy, they are horrid!

Long story short I eliminated preservatives (derived from gluten primarily) and I'm mostly gluten free, and 100% preservative free and the migraines have pretty much stopped. Two weeks into my one month gluten free trial and I felt the headaches/migraines were less intense.

Let me know if you give it a try and how it works for you.

Best of Luck with everything!
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