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Originally Posted by CoeyCoey View Post
You are believing the word of the salesman. Of course they are going to show you articles on the benefits. Do you think they will post articles that show the detriments?

If you do, then I have some ocean front property Colorado to sell you. LOL
Do you know better than the New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of the American Medical Association? Just as I suspected, you discredited those studies without even looking at them. How about looking at the diet of Inuit natives or the ketogenic diet that is used to prevent seizures in epileptic children? To roundly deny that there is any benefit to a ketogenic diet is, to put it kindly, a failure to look at all the facts. To automatically assume that people on the Atkins plan are less informed than you is nothing less than arrogant.

I don't even need those articles to prove the benefits of a whole food ketogenic diet because I am a living example of those benefits. In the time span of seven months I used a ketogenic diet to bring my blood glucose, A1C, triglycerides, and blood pressure all from very elevated to normal ranges. I also alleviated the need for medication for those items, and have lost nearly 20% of my body weight. My personal physician, who previously told me he didn't trust the Atkins plan, has become a believer in that plan, thanks to the results it has provided in my case. He went from telling me to work with a dietician to telling me to continue what I am doing now.

As I said before, your efforts at promoting a vegan agenda on a discussion board related to the Atkins plan is more disruptive than helpful. There are discussions related to vegan diets and I am sure your expertise would be much appreciated in those discussions. Obviously, you are an argumentative person, but I submit that there are forums much more appropriate for such debate. You are not likely to convert any of the omnivores on this board, but you are likely to irritate us.

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