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Originally Posted by davej323 View Post
The Atkins website has a plethora of articles touting the benefits of a ketogenic diet not only for weight loss but also for improving upon risk factors that are typically associated with type II diabetes and/or heart disease and metabolic syndrome. These are all published articles that have appeared in publications such as JAMA and NEJM, and completed at schools such as Stanford and Harvard. I will pretend for a moment that you are actually interested in an even-handed dialog that is free from a political agenda. Feel free to peruse the articles that are readily available right on the Atkins website here:
Atkins - Notable Research
You are believing the word of the salesman. Of course they are going to show you articles on the benefits. Do you think they will post articles that show the detriments?

If you do, then I have some ocean front property Colorado to sell you. LOL
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