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Hi! I liked Evelyn's suggestion: "If you want tips, I think the one that comes to mind is to weigh your food and log it in no matter what. One mistake I've made in the past is that when I knew I'd eaten too much, I didn't want to actually see the numbers, so I just wouldn't log it in. Next thing I knew, I had fallen off the wagon and gained weight." None of us eat perfectly so when we make mistakes, we just have to try to learn from them and keep on going.

As for exercise, do you have childcare early in the morning? I find it best to get up early and get it done. That way, no other priorities get in the way. Back when my kids were young and I worked every day outside the home, I would just exercise using a dvd (back then it was a video). Later on a co-worker and I joined a gym together and started working out after work but before dinner. The buddy system helped.

Lastly, I found it helpful to find a support system such as fitday forums to keep me focused and get encouragement. Looks like you discovered that one!

Best wishes!
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