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good news re: good new food choices!

the gym doesn't work for everyone; actually the gym is just a recent invention, isn't it?

anyway, maybe you could rethink exercising. you're right, the key is sticking with it... find something you will want to do 200 days in 2010, and something you will want to keep doing in 2011 and beyond. exercise can be hiking, taking dance lessons, doing yard work, group boot camps, or taking a walk around the neighborhood (with your neighbors even).

i could tell you that running burns a lot of calories per hour, and is a very efficient way to exercise in terms of time; but if you don't like running, that information is useless to you. works great for me, but we're all different.

my suggestion is to find a friend or two and make a list of alternative exercises that each you like to do or would like to try, and then plan to do two activities on the list every week as a group. when you find something that you like, or things that you like, stick with them. exercise should be a fun part of your day; when it becomes a chore, you know what happens.
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