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Originally Posted by CoeyCoey View Post
I am sorry, but I empathize too much with people to let them harm their bodies without saying something.

If someone came on this board claiming they were taking Fen-Phen, would you encourage them?
Of course not. On the same token, most of us know that people use these discussion boards for encouragement and agenda-free advice. Since I would have nothing encouraging to say about any diet pills, let alone fen-phen, I would stay out of such a discussion.

You have come to these Atkins discussion boards out of love for animals, fine. Recognize the fact that vegan advice is most likely going to fall on deaf ears and meet with a sour welcome on such a board. Accordingly, it is serving as more of a disruption than helpful contribution. If your purpose is to stir up an argument, congratulations. If your purpose is to give helpful advice, I say again that there are discussion boards on this site where you will find a more receptive audience and do more genuine good for people that are truly interested in your expertise on vegan diet.

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