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Float, Your dinner sounds yummy, lol. I LOVE poached much so we got a toaster/egg poacher for a christmas present from my parents and use it ALL the time. (So easy, and healthy!!!!)

Even though I've lost 40 pounds thus far, I never felt fat, overweight or even obese when I was. I seemed to "hide" a lot of my weight. It wasn't untill I looked at some pictures of myself in a bathing suit on vacation in March that I realized how much I had blown up to.

I happen to have a "pear" shape body. All my pants look ridiculous on me I HAVE to wear a belt or else everyone will get a great show. I am however a girly girl, so I've gotten by this summer wearing all my summer dresses that will fit me at any size which is not only convenient but also light and airy. I REFUSE to buy new clothes till I hit my goal!!!!

I trained last night with my trainer at the gym....worked on legs for the first time in a few weeks...Today I am feeling it! Love the pain though!

I hope everyone is having a great day!
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