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If someone stated they where on a plant-based Atkins diet of nuts and grains only, I would discourage that just as much as a meat based Atkins because it is unhealthy.

"Those of us who choose to follow the (non-vegan/vegetarian version of) Atkins plan are familiar with the accusations of health risks associated with that plan."

I would prefer to assume that people don't fully understand the risks. If they fully understood the risks of the Atkins diet and new there were better ways without the risks, why would anyone follow the Atkins diet?
Let's assume for a moment that you don't have a vegan agenda and are genuinely concerned about the health risks associated with the Atkins plan. Thank you for your concern.

The Atkins website has a plethora of articles touting the benefits of a ketogenic diet not only for weight loss but also for improving upon risk factors that are typically associated with type II diabetes and/or heart disease and metabolic syndrome. These are all published articles that have appeared in publications such as JAMA and NEJM, and completed at schools such as Stanford and Harvard. I will pretend for a moment that you are actually interested in an even-handed dialog that is free from a political agenda. Feel free to peruse the articles that are readily available right on the Atkins website here:
Atkins - Notable Research

There is a lot more supporting research available via google search, but since your contention is that people following the Atkins plan are uninformed about the risks they are taking, kindly accept these articles as evidence that Atkins followers are well-informed about the benefits of our eating plan and move on to a vegan discussion board where your advice is more relevant.


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