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Originally Posted by CoeyCoey View Post
That is known as Ad Hominem.

I am not affiliated with PETA in anyway, and I actually dislike them in many ways. Simply because I show empathy for animals and do not condone raising them for food or other resources, does not make any of the information I provided less true or less relevant. I care for all creatures, and I can't love a dog and not a chicken. It pains me to see any animal in pain, including humans, which is why I promote a diet based on health and fitness, not merely weight loss.

Please try to keep this discussion mature and based on relevant facts instead of baseless and ignorant personal attacks.
I might invite you to keep the discussion relevant as well. I would like to submit that the general purpose of these discussion boards is for all of us to provide encouragement for each other, but you have been using the Atkins discussions as a sounding board for your personal vegan agenda. There are plenty of discussions related to vegetarian/vegan diets in which your advice would probably be very welcomed. Those of us who choose to follow the (non-vegan/vegetarian version of) Atkins plan are familiar with the accusations of health risks associated with that plan. They are well-documented and addressed in the books, and unless someone specifically airs a personal concern about his/her own experience with this plan, your unsolicited discouragement on a board that is specifically related to Atkins is probably out of place.

P.S. I love animals too.....they taste great!

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