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They do tell you what high a protein diet is in a round-about way. They state that daily fat intake should be less than 35% of total calories, and 7% from saturated fat.

It is difficult to say at what level of protein intake people start increasing their risk of disease. Studies have shown that excess protein intake, specifically animal protein, does increase risk of disease, but no ethical scientist would conduct a study of people on a high protein diet to see at what level is the turning point for certain individuals. There are so many additional factors as well such as a persons activity level, the type of protein they consume, how nutrient dense their food is, etc.

A study that was done 8 years ago compared a low fat diet(calorie restricted), a medium-low fat diet(calorie restricted), and a medium fat diet, and a high fat diet(calorie restricted) and found that the weight loss of the medium fat diet was the smallest. They refer to the weight loss among those individuals to be statistically insignificant, yet health markers were negatively impacted. The high fat diet actually had a higher weight loss that the medium-low fat diet, but at a price to health. The low fat and medium-low fat diets showed weight loss with one slightly more and one slightly less than the high fat diet, but health markers showed significant improvement.

Here is a link to that study.
The Effect of High-, Moderate-, and Low-Fat Diets on Weight Loss and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors - Fleming - 2007 - Preventive Cardiology - Wiley Online Library

The study will give you an idea of the fat and protein ratios.

There are many many studies that show an increase in health problems the more you increase fat and protein. So, why no just go the other way? A low-fat, whole-foods, plant-based diet has proven time and time again to have the best combination of weight loss and health. It is also better for the planet and the animals as well.
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