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Hi Deanna. I'm on the road a ton for work, often staying in hotels 5 nights a week. If I'm lucky they'll have a microwave and mini fridge in the room. If not, its either go out to eat every night (sounds like a treat until you have no choice) or use the microwave in the lobby (this can sometimes become an elaborate affair involving coolers, various tupperware and a trusty shaker of Mrs. Dash). I'm actually a motivated cook when I am at home and used to be incredibly grossed out by microwave dinners -- It's no better than space food, I thought. All those calories! All those preservatives! What would my mom think??? lol. I didn't even own a microwave until a year ago!

Anyway, I've started getting pretty creative with frozen entrees or combinations of sides and they're really not all that bad or bad for you. My faves are the Amy's brand stuff or the Kashi meals (super healthy!), but I'm usually limited to a rural grocery store or, more commonly, the Wal Mart grocery section for frozen stuff I can't keep in my plain ol' cooler. My current pick are the Lean Cuisine Market Creations meals (they're in a small bag that you nuke). They're not too bad and come in several boredom-fighting varieties. I usually grab one of those and a steamer bag of veggies (Birds Eye and various other brands make those) and eat as much of the veg as I want along with the meal. The Marie Callenders Pasta al Dente are really good too, but compare labels to make the best choices. Another option is frozen brown rice, which you can steam in the bag and combine with stir fry sauce and some veggies. There are lots of possibilities, but as mentioned before, not everything is what it seems -- compare the labels (especially calories and sodium) to make sure your choice is solid.

P.S. If saving $$ is a concern, I would recommend decreasing your intake premade/prepared foods -- it is way cheaper to make a few things at least partially from scratch and rely on frozen meals in a pinch than to eat them all the time. You're less likely to get bored and more likely to stick with it longer (ideally forever -- this isn't just a temporary diet, right?). Plus you get the added benefit of knowing exactly what's in your food, which gives you more "editorial privilige", i.e. the ability to make changes as needed. Just my two cents...
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