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Originally Posted by vsabino View Post
I have a question you may be able to reply to...
So I'm trying to do a low carb diet watching my calories. So, the percent fat has to be 65% because otherwise you eat too much protein, which can be converted to sugar, correct? But what if I eat 45% fat, BUT my proteins don't exceed 80 grams (since I'm eating low-calorie)? 80 grams is not too much protein in 1 day, but still my ratio is screwed up compared to Atkins.
What do you think?!?! I only wish Atkins was alive...

If you are following a calorie restriction plan, chances are that you are not following Atkins anyway. My understanding is that gluconeogenesis (the process by which the body creates glucose from non-carbohydrate sources, such as protein) will only occur to a level sufficient to meet the body's requirements (i.e. maintain blood glucose level). Any excess after that will be stored in the organs and muscles as amino acid. I am probably oversimplifying it, and I invite anyone who knows better to correct me. I have seen it mentioned several places that a person on a ketogenic diet can safely consume one gram of protein for every pound of body weight. With that in mind, you are probably very safe at 80g.

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